What is Vexel Games? Vexel Games is a small independent video game developer! Word on the street is that developers like us are called "indie" game developers.

Who are you? We are two brains collaborating in order to make the most brain-tastic and rad video games we can think of! Our brains are known by the titles of Alex Hill and Tyler Poelstra.

Where did you come from?! No one really knows for sure, not even us brains.  There's not enough evidence to suggest that we didn't just pop into existence. There's some evidence to suggest that we may be the result of some sort of diseased science.

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? We want you to become one of us, but mainly we just want you to play our games.

Games? Like any game developer, we have notebooks full of game ideas and concepts we'd like to develop.  However we are currently focused on one particular game so we can get it into your clumsy, hideous hands as soon as possible. We call that one Trace Vector. Check it out on our projects page.

Should I be concerned for my life? Probably not. We need you alive.

How can I help you guys out? The most basic way you can help us is by following our updates and showing your friends. The more brains that know about us the more brain we can brain you know? If you want to help out more than that feel free to contact us. Where and when I can expect to play your fantastic video games? Our current plan is to release Trace Vector on PC and Mac using the Steam platform. We're also considering other platforms after that. Trace Vector is actually available now! Can I do a "Let's Play" video? Absolutely. Though for the sake of the enjoyment of other players use your own judgement on what you think should be shown to avoid spoilers. Our games tend to be action oriented, so they're a little hard to spoil : P Even if I monetize the video? Yes. If you would like to be certain feel free to contact us.

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