Join us, love us

On July 23, 2011, in Website Updates, by Alex
The brains know that no website is complete without the obligatory Facebook and Twitter subscription options. How else are you supposed to profess your love for us? That's why you can now follow us on Twitter and Facebook. But let's say you don't actually like anything, or don't understand what all this means. Let's break it down. Let's say you want to know detailed progress on a project. Well then this site is a good thing to check (you can also get updates from the site vis RSS). So good job. Also, let's say you wanted to only know about big updates and milestones? Then Facebook is the ideal place for that. But... what if you wanted more. I'm talking you want to know every single majestic thought that we generate at any given moment? Then Twitter is the place to go, obviously.

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