Trace Vector will release on Steam August 19th, 2014 (hey, that's today!) for Windows, Mac, and Linux! We've added a bunch of new features in the last couple of months to take advantage of the nifty Steam platform. Check out the changes below to get all the details on those! Also we put together a brand new trailer! Trace Vector + Soundtrack Bundle! You can able to purchase Flexstyle's amazing soundtrack from Steam as a bundle which includes both Trace Vector and the Soundtrack! If you already have Trace Vector you can add on the soundtrack as DLC or purchase it as a stand alone as well. Of course, you can also still get the soundtrack from Flexstyle himself! Launch Deal! For the first week on Steam we will also be having a launch sale! So check it out now if you want in! New stuff! The initial launch on Steam will be the brand new 1.02 version. Here's what's new! The biggest change is a completely re-balanced Endless Mode. In this mode an endless level continuously generates in front of your ship as you play. The level branches into either a safe path or a dead end. The goal is to simply avoid crashing into a dead end branch and to beat the distance high scores. This mode gets faster the further you're able to go! Changes to Endless Mode include:
  • Speed Ups now occur a little more spaced out and will speed your up just slightly slower. It turned out this change helped smooth out the jarring effect of suddenly accelerating and severely reduced the number of crashes that occurred right at a Speed Up.
  • Music changes now occur every other Speed Up so you can hear more of each section (it used to cut a bit short)
  • The slow down ability now regenerates faster and lasts longer. We found this change has helped prevent players from hitting a sudden wall in their score before they crash.
Tweaks and fixes:
  • A bug in the save data was causing some corruption in very rare circumstances. I'm not aware of anyone encountering this, but we fixed it anyway. 
  • Pressing the Home and End keys now flip the camera around 180 degrees. Page Up and Page Down are still used for fine controls. This is mostly for fun, but one achievement does require you to complete a level upside down! So this will make the rotation faster
  • Added in a nice little interface tweaks and cleaned up some little things. For example, since CRT mode is a shader effect and can only be seen when glow is on it will automatically turn off if glow is also off.
Steam Features: Just to be clear these features are part of Steam's platform and so will only be available on Steam copies.
  • 37 Steam Achievements
  • 13 Collectible Steam Trading Cards (along with badges, wallpapers, and emoticons)
  • Cloud Syncing. This will let you play on one machine, then log into another (say, a laptop) and have all your high scores and progress automatically transfer.

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