Trace Vector Soundtrack!

On January 24, 2014, in Trace Vector, by Alex

Can you not get enough of the incredible high energy, 80's inspired, morphing soundtrack from our game Trace Vector? Well don't worry, because Flexstyle has assembled a special arranged version of all the music from Trace Vector into a rocking soundtrack!

We didn't just dump the game files into an album and call it a day. Instead, Flexstyle has taken the morphing layered music from the game and mixed them into 13 tracks (34:04) of remastered beats that are a pleasure to listen to! All the music from the game is in there with some subtle added flairs that will make you want to shoot laser beams from your eyes and do a light speed slingshot around Jupiter into deep space!

Trace Vector Original Game Soundtrack

Trace Vector on Desura (rather have it on Steam? Help us out by voting on Steam Greenlight!)


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