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On January 14, 2014, in Trace Vector, by Alex

Trace Vector - Launch Resize

Trace Vector

Trace Vector Release: The day has finally come! Trace Vector is now complete and the Windows beta version will be released on Desura January 18th, 2014! Right now you can pre-order Trace Vector and it will be available in your Desura library as soon as the 18th rolls around.

This initial release will be exactly the same as the build we showed off at Magfest 12, where we met a lot of great people and received an extremely positive response to the game. Based on the play sessions, there has been a slight tweak to the booster zone visuals to help convey what they're going to do before you pass over them. That change along with any other changes that may have to be made will be automatically made available as soon as the patch is done processing and approved.

Mac & Linux: This launch release is for the Windows version only, the Linux and Mac versions are also ready. They need to be independently verified and will be released shortly. Of course, when those versions are made available they will have all the updates the Windows version will.

Soundtrack: Flexstyle (the genius behind Trace Vector's amazing music) has also put together a special arranged version of the Trace Vector Original Soundtrack. This version is the one you want if you want to listen to Trace Vector's music as the versions included with the game are specially formatted to allow for clean transitioning between the levels. A lot of work went into reformatting all the music to be more suitable to casual listening and it turned out great. The sound track will be available for purchase as a stand alone download soon. We are also looking into a Trace Vector game + Soundtrack bundle!  Stay tuned for that! The soundtrack is available now!

Other Distributions & Platforms: Tyler and I make up the entire programming team for Trace Vector so we're taking the releases one at a time; starting with  the three operating systems via Desura and then branching out from there. Of course, we would absolutely love to release Trace Vector on Steam Greenlight so if you'd like to support us there it would be absolutely fantastic (especially if you like your games on Steam!).

As far as other PC distribution options we're open to suggestions. Where would you prefer to play Trace Vector? Send us an email, Tweet us, or send a Facebook comment and let us know. Also we're very interested in producing versions of Trace Vector on other hardware platforms like various game consoles, portables, and Android and iOS devices. Thanks to everyone's help, support, and patience! It's been a long journey to our first release of hopefully many to come. We're not nearly out of ideas! We hope everyone enjoys playing Trace Vector as much as we loved making it. More to come... ~Alex and Tyler

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