Trace Vector Status Update!

On July 17, 2013, in Trace Vector, by Alex
Here's a small update on Trace Vector: In short, the game is nearly complete. This goes for all versions of the game for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. For the past couple of weeks we've been going through all the levels and making changes to them for game balance and readability reasons. Most of the time these have been little tweaks such as a junction point that is just a bit too close to another, which makes it hard to read and react to. In some cases we've redone entire sets of levels to explore some of the other mechanics in the game a little more. At this point I think we're all happy with them! Aesthetically there have also been some tweaks to both game field elements and things like menus. Again, mostly for readability reasons based on what we've observed with some of the play test sessions. There is a small story that plays out after each set of levels that is now finalized and complete as well. We've made sure the story will not get in the way, but it's there if you like that sort of thing to give context to the gameplay. An expert mode has also been added to the primary Adventure mode. This mode will take all the levels you've played and make them even more extreme. Of course high scores track for Expert Mode as well. You'll find your experience from your first play through will work against you here ; D The alternate game mode "Endless Mode" is designed to be a more jump in and play endurance game which gets faster and faster as the music steps up. The level generates dynamically as you play and never runs out. Once you crash, it's game over. You play for score in this mode and I think there will be some people who will mostly play Endless, so the mode comes unlocked from the start. It's also a good way to get familiar with the really basic mechanics for Adventure mode. There have been some tweaks some of the minor points in this mode which relate to how the level is randomly generated to make the paths easier to read as well. Trace Vector is heavily driven by the music as it progresses further and gets more complicated as you clear levels. It feels great in the game and a lot of people have expressed interest in a sound track and we've been working with Flexstyle to provide just that based on the extremely positive reaction we've gotten. Because the music in the game needs to be structured in a certain ways to work smoothly Flexstyle has made special arranged versions of all the Trace Vector music just for the sound track. We'll be announcing more details about the sound track and the game soon as we get closer to launch. For the next couple of weeks we will be working to finish up some of the fancy scenes we've been working on that will go at the front and end of Adventure Mode. In the mean time thanks to everyone for the continued support of Trace Vector! If you haven't done so already, check out our Steam Greenlight page and vote to help us get on Steam! We're at the point where we're starting to think about what sort of special things we can do for the early players, so stay tuned for that and thanks for reading!

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