Five days ago I put up Trace Vector on Steam Greenlight and so far the response has been encouraging and I started working on a couple of the features mentioned such as alternate game modes (ex. Endless / Marathon modes) in response. I've also made some little tweaks to smooth out the camera and I'm experimenting with some UI changes which are being tested right now. Here are some specific questions I have for people: Quite a few people have requested a level editor. If you personally were interested in a level editor would you rather it be built into the game itself or an external program downloadable separately (perhaps via Steamworks)? The game currently has twelve full tracks that are formatted to evolve as you progress. It's a big part of the feel of the game when you play it. They could be remixed and reformatted to be their own stand alone track more suitable for listening to. If such a thing were made available would you prefer it purchasable along with the game on Steam or another external source? What are your preferred sources for that sort of thing? Those are the main points I'm particularly curious about that the moment. If you have any recommendations, questions, or features you'd like to request go right ahead. I'm very interested in what people have to say! Probably the best place to comment would be the Trace Vector Greenlight page, here in the comment section, or by using our contact form if you're the shy type. Meanwhile we'll keep chugging along. More updates soon!

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