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On December 31, 2012, in Trace Vector, by Alex

The year 2012 is just about to come to a close and so are some key stages in the development of our project Trace Vector. A year ago Trace Vector was a fairly finished prototype that we probably could have released and had a decent little arcade game. Instead of pushing it out the door we decided to spend this year really examining the game and figuring out what would make the game more fun and more playable. Usually this means coding up some features or making some tweaks and trying them out. Sometimes they don't work out and the idea gets stripped back out. Sometimes we decide that the new mechanic changes the gameplay too far from the original and we shelve the idea to perhaps use in something else. Basically, it's slow, tedious, and nebulous. We can confidently say that Trace Vector is a better game because of this!

We also found a great music genius, Michael Birch, who is better known by his stage name of Flexstyle. This brain was one of the many who responded to our pleas for musical help on the project. The choice was actually pretty difficult just due the extreme talent and variety of samples we were sent (thanks again everyone!) by the great community over at (if you've never heard a lot of the great game remixes from everyone there I implore you to give them a visit). Michael has been working with us to shape the sound track for Trace Vector. Tyler and I think he's really got the sound nailed at this point.  We hope you get to hear Michael's rad tracks soon!

So here's how things stand as they are right now.  (without spilling all our beans)

The whimsical plot has shifted around quite a few times, but we've decided on a nice, clean, simple, and out of the way little  story. We're currently deciding just how big the story should play a part. Whatever level of detail we decide to go with is going to be determined by what we feel flavors the game enough without getting in the way. Trace Vector is primarily an action game and we don't feel a lot of story is appropriate. So consider that a developing aspect. Right now there  are planned 72 original and unique levels that will be in the game for sure. Of these, all but 6 are complete. We may expand this number after we've made a pass at the primary 72 levels. We may expand the scope of the levels themselves to match the flow of the game.

The sound track in Trace Vector is heavily based off the design of the levels and is a big part of the experience. We’ve tried to structure the music to progress and become more textured and progressively complex as you advance through each world. In all there are 12 tracks planned, each with multiple stages of complexity. Of these tracks 2 are works in progress with the rest being 100% complete. Again, we may add more tracks depending on if we feel more is required, but the 12 tracks are definitely in.

At this point we're really happy with the performance of the game. Trace Vector is designed to be played at 60 FPS, with the glow effect, on a mid-ranged gaming computer. The glow effect is the main resource draw and it can be reduced or turned off completely depending on your personal preference and the machine you'd like to play on. If don't have a gaming PC you should still be to play Trace Vector perfectly by disabling the fancy effects.

So here's the plan for the coming months. We're currently working on completing what remains of the target goal above. Since our target platform for initial release is PC and Mac on Steam, at the same time we'll be working on a trailer to post up on Steam Greenlight. The goal is the have the game essentially done by the time we post to Greenlight. We would like to use Steam to do a small beta to work out any unexpected technical issues that might arise. We've done our own internal tests and there are no known problems, but nothing compares the scope of the all the different machines out there. At that point we'll be listening closely to feedback and it will be our complete focus.

That's basically it! We'll have another update when we have our Steam Greenlight page ready. Look for Trace Vector on Steam in 2013 on PC and Mac! If you have any questions or comments shoot us a message on the Contact Page


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